Ancestry Ethnicity Updates

So Ancestry has updated their reference sample pot to now include 13,000 more than previously.  This means 16,000 reference samples as opposed to the 3000 references samples, and in doing so, our ethnicity estimates have changed.  For many this means a more accurate estimate that is more inline with their Family Tree. My original estimate … Continue reading Ancestry Ethnicity Updates


Where have I been?

I know it has been a while since I began this blog, but I have since relocated to another state and am in the process of setting up house again.  Living situation is a little crowded so I don't have an 'office' to work in yet. I have been doing intermittent research as time allows … Continue reading Where have I been?

In The Beginning.

I thought I would start at the beginning and introduce myself, my ancestors and how I began my genealogy journey. As a child I remember my Grandpa & Grandma (Grandpa's 2nd wife) going on holiday overseas to England & Ireland.  This journey was part holiday (for Grandma) and part family tree research (for Grandpa, much … Continue reading In The Beginning.

And so the journey begins…

Thanks for joining me on my journey to uncover and discover my ancestors! We may never fully appreciate our descendants if we do not appreciate our ancestors. — Jason Cole Stuart This blog will not only cover my actual genealogical research but the spiritual genealogy I come across too, from Celtic and Nordic spiritual ancestry … Continue reading And so the journey begins…